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Saturday 29th April: Still Surfing Scotland

Ooooh it’s been a sunny Saturday in Scotland. Popped by Boardwise, in Edinburgh, to drop off one of the borrowed boards. Thanks to Brians encouragement and advice headed out for a afternoon surf on the East Coast. 

About a 20min drive south from Edinburgh you hit a few bays that catch some swell on a good day. 

First stop: Belhaven Bay. It’s the bigger and quieter area- but today not a good bet…no waves. 

So charged on to Pease Bay a little further down the coast. A bay surrounded by a caravan holiday park, but accessible to the public and us surfers. There was a little swell, catchable for mini mal, longboarders or foamy riders. So jumped in beside the foamy riders for an hour or so, to get a little fix. 

Although not the best swell today (but I have been spoilt lately), if your an Edinburger, totally worth getting down here on a good day for a surf. 

Keep your eye on the swell on Magicseaweed.


Never mind all the royal wedding crap, we just wanna go surfing!!


Just been surfing, just returned from surfing.. wondering why. Would rather be surfing than watching the wedding. But I watched…

Next surf tomorrow East Coast Scotland?


Ehhhhh this is cool… 

Just back from (an awesome) 5days/5bays cold surf on the North coast of Scotland and my mind is taken back to the warm waters…

COOLER have posted up on my recent Dominican Republic trip, when I escaped grey London for warm sea, sun, sand and most importantly surf.

Equiped with my (£1 bargain) 35mm point and shoot, check out (above) a few more shots I took on the trip.

I would get over to the Domincan Republic now if I were you. The surf is pumping!

Photo Set

I was off the radar all week. No phone signal, no tv and no internet.

Sorry to everyone who tried to get through to me…

Now, wondering why I chose to rejoin civilisation on a day like this?

Bored by wedding fever.

Photo Set

Thanks Boardwise, Edinburgh for hooking me up for the surf!!!


Task 1: Packing for Scotland

Bikinis and beanies.

Anoraks and sunglasses.

5mm wetsuit and suncream.

Knits and flip flops.

All these combinations possible in Scotland…

Cameras x 3. To capture all..


Roadtrip Season...

Vehicle + Map + Buddies = all you need!

(plus surfboard, skateboard, bike, wetsuit.. many unnecessary items- fill the car. You never know where you will end up and what you will need).

unfortunately this is not my airstream, but totally recommend investing in an automobile like this.

My roadtrip, kicking off this Saturday, makes use of my mums corsa.


A-Z of London

Flip Camcorder

and an Action Tripod

= Sunday project